Prop Rentals

Our inventory includes French Art Deco funiture, lighting, sculpture and artwork. We make it available to you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Whether you need pieces for a movie or music video set or props for a photo shoot, we offer our collection to help you achieve the authentic ambiance of your set.

All items in our store are available for rental daily, weekly or monthly.

Rental rates are:
• Daily : 1 day: 10% / 2 days: 15% / 3 to 7 days: 20%
• Weekly : 1st week: 20% / 2nd week: 10% / 3rd week: 5% / 4th week: 5%
• Monthly (negotiable)

Our collection can also help create special "environments" for parties, meetings or special events,from furnishing a complete elegant set to renting a single important center piece.

Rental requirements:
Security check for retail price of item(s) for which you want to rent, as well as a the daily/weekly rate of the rental piece(s).

Contact us directly for any additional inquiry regarding rental policy: (917) 710-5191

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